Trump Endorses Doctor Oz in Pennsylvania Senate Race

Trump Endorses Doctor, Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District is a post-recession district that Clinton won by just 47,000 votes. The district, which encompasses large parts of the Philadelphia area, has had a concentration of Democrats for many years. Gov. Christie will be on hand to campaign for Corbett in the district, which is being contested by Republican challenger Steve Helgason. But the governor will not be campaigning in the state’s primary on Tuesday. On Monday, the governor endorsed Dr. Oz for his Senate race. 53-year-old Democratic candidate Joe Sestak is a well-known physician. But he’s not a household name like Dr. Oz. Sestak is not well-known politically, but that might be changing in the Senate race.

In a Facebook video on Monday, Christie endorsed Sestak, who is facing a challenge from conservative Congressman Lou Barletta. “This is a race that has been coming for a long time. A race that I have supported before, a race that I will support again,” Christie said. “I believe Joe Sestak is the right person to take on Lou Barletta. I think Joe Sestak has the experience, the judgment, and the character to serve in the United States Senate.” The endorsement makes sense for Christie. It’s in Pennsylvania, which is a Democratic-leaning state. But the governor’s decision to break with his own party is a surprise.

A Choice Between the Exact Same Fears

The day after the Newtown shooting, which left 26 children and adults dead, President Obama said he wanted to see more doctors like Dr. Oz. “This morning, on the show, I want to see him talking to me about how we can prevent kids from getting this kind of bullet,” Obama said. “You know, all of those things he’s done, I think they’ve done a lot to strengthen our country.” In the wake of the Newtown shooting, which Obama called “a stark reminder of how easy it is for guns to fall into the wrong hands,” Congress passed a law imposing new regulations on the ownership, manufacture, and distribution of high-capacity magazines.

Why Pennsylvanians Should Care Abou the Governor’s Role

Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District is a post-recession district that has been a frequent stop on the presidential campaign trail. In 2012, President Obama got his most lopsided electoral college victory in the district, winning by a margin of 61,000 votes. The district, which encompasses large parts of Philadelphia and its suburbs, is long dominated by Democrats. The race for the 18th will be a very close one. The Cook Partisan Voting Index rates the race as decided, but an endorsement from Gov. Christie certainly helps.

His endorsement is about more than just a race

A big reason behind Gov. Christie’s endorsement is Sestak’s connections to Gov. Corbett. Corbett was a longtime friend of Sestak’s, and the two have campaigned together in Pennsylvania. The race for Corbett’s old seat is very close, too. The Cook Partisan Voting Index rates the race as likely to end in a tie.

Barletta is not the only pro-gun candidate in the race

The race is also being fought between two pro-gun candidates: conservative Steve Helgason and Democrat Joe Sestak. But Sestak, who is a well-known physician, is not a household name like Dr. Oz. Sestak is not well-known politically, but that might be changing in the Senate race. She’s a Democrat against a Republican

This is a key moment in the race. Saccone is a Republican. McGinty is a Democrat. Trump has yet to endorse a candidate in the general election. It will be interesting to see who he endorses in this race. If he backs McGinty, it would be a huge boost for the Democrats and a major blow to Trump.

She’s Oprah-level good looking

This is an important part of the equation. Saccone is an old-school, conservative Republican who has run ads criticizing McGinty for her liberal leanings. If Saccone sees this endorsement as an opportunity to score some points, he should probably just ignore it.

She’s the only woman in the race

This might not be as important as the “she’s the only woman” part. Saccone is a man. Trump has yet to support a female candidate in the general election.

The Oz endorsement is a big deal

Many people may not know this, but Dr. Oz is one of the most popular hosts in television history. This is his second political endorsement. In June, he endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. Many people may not realize that Oz also hosts a TV show in cooperation with the American Medical Association.

What happens next?

McGinty will now have to decide whether to take Dr. Oz’s advice and run as a “ moderate ” Democrat or stick with the party of Trump and the coal industry. She has until next Thursday to decide her course of action. If she runs as a moderate, she will likely lose in a wave of Trump support. If she doesn’t run, Saccone will head to the general election as the only Republican candidate in a state that Trump carried by nearly 30 points.

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