megabots roll out

MegaBots, For years, nerds of all stripes have dreamed of piloting giant mech robots. Movies like Real Steel and Pacific Rim put this vision on the big screen, and countless video games have been created along the same theme. Now a company called MegaBots is making the dream a reality.

MegaBots was founded in 2014 and built a 12,000-pound beast of a bot called the MkII. The bot, which looks like the lovechild of a backhoe and a tank, is piloted by two people and is equipped with cannons that can fire 3-pound paintballs at speeds in excess of 100 mph.

Very quickly, their Japanese rivals accepted the challenge. Suidobashi Heavy Industries was founded prior to MegaBots, and had already built their own massive bot, which they called “Kuratas”. At first glance, the Japanese bot seems to be significantly more advanced than the MkII, equipped with an advanced targeting system and a slick-looking HUD.

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