How to Empty Dyson Vacuum

Knowing how to empty a Dyson vacuum is essential if you own one. As you have to dig a little deeper into your pockets for a new Dyson, you will want to preserve its longevity, and one way of doing that is emptying it correctly. Moreover, emptying a Dyson vacuum correctly will prevent you from making a mess on your floor or carpet.

Dyson is an established brand with numerous vacuum models in its portfolio. The models have different designs; thus, the emptying process may not be the same for all. The position of the buttons and the dust cup are different for the majority of the Dyson vacuums. This article has a clear guideline on how to empty a Dyson vacuum. The procedure applies to most Dyson vacuums, provided you can find the buttons and dust cup on your model.

What You’ll Need
You don’t need so much to follow this tutorial. Here is a list of the essentials:

A small toothbrush
A dry towel
Dyson’s combination tool.
How to Empty a Dyson Ball Vacuum
The Dyson Ball vacuum series comes with a detachable dust cup. You can detach the cup from the rest of the vacuum by pressing the button at its top. The cup will pop right out after pressing the button.

Hold the handle on top of the cup and bring it over to a trash can. Hover the cup’s bottom as low as you can in the trash can to avoid spilling its contents.

Press the release button on the cup’s top again to open up its bottom so that all the debris and dirt in it can come out. Shake the cup gently to get rid of any dirt left in it.

Close the cup’s door. You will know the door is properly closed when you hear a click.

Return the back to the vacuum and put it in place. Again, you should hear a click. Plus, the cup should not budge or come loose when you shake or pull on it.

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