Discover the Best Performing Theatre Arts in Los Angeles

The theatre arts scene in Los Angeles is an ongoing project. New companies are sprouting up constantly and more joining the ranks every year. The city’s spectrum of performing arts runs from Shakespeare to contemporary musicals, from vaudeville to opera. Many local theatres also host workshops that offer aspiring actors, directors, choreographers, and designers exposure to the industry at a young age. Many reasons make Los Angeles such an excellent place for budding theatrical talent, but it is also a challenge for newcomers to stay afloat in this ocean of loveable performers. That’s where we come in! With your help, we will bring you some of the best performing arts schools in LA so that you can thrive as well. From dance to music and everything in between, we will cover them all so that you know where to look when searching for the perfect school for your child or yourself.

What is a Performing Arts School?

A performing arts school is a place where students learn a variety of skills, often in a group setting, that can help them launch a career in the performing arts. Some performing arts schools have a specific focus, like training theatre artists or musicians. Others are more general, like offering classes across a wide range of arts. There are a few different ways to identify a performing arts school. – If a school is focused on a specific art form, then they are more likely to offer specific classes. If you are looking for a school that teaches classical ballet, you might want to consider one of the ballet schools in LA. – If the school offers a variety of classes across a variety of arts, that’s a good sign, too. If a school offers a range of theatre classes from musicals to Shakespeare, that’s a great sign.

Dance Schools in Los Angeles

Dance schools in LA can be separated into two categories: ballet and modern dance. Some schools offer both styles of dance, but most only offer one or the other. If your child has a talent for ballet, it’s worth looking into schools that offer that focus. There are also a lot of schools that offer classes in modern dance. If modern dance is your preferred style, you’ve got a lot of options. It’s worth looking into the level of instruction at each school. In general, more advanced lessons are always better, but even the most basic classes are better than nothing.

Drama Schools in Los Angeles

The same rule applies to drama schools as it does to dance schools: if your child has talent in one particular style, they’re more likely to find a school that focuses on that style. There are a few different sub-genres of drama: musical theatre, scene study, and acting for film, television, and theatre. If your child has an interest in one of these, you may find a school that focuses on it.

Musical Theatre Schools in Los Angeles

While there are a few schools that offer training in all forms of theatre, most only offer training in the classics: Shakespeare, Dickens, Greek and Shakespeare-inspired works, etc. For a child who wants only to learn about the modern world, there are few options. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a modern story. There are plenty of musicals about fairy tales and historical events, which makes it easy for a school to focus on a modern narrative.

Vocal Music Schools in Los Angeles

Few schools specialize in vocal music, but there are plenty that offers general music training. Vocal music schools are most likely to offer private lessons, but there are also plenty of public schools that offer vocal music as part of their curriculum. If your child has a strong voice, that could make a difference.

Sports and Extracurricular Activities

Sports and extracurricular activities are a big part of the experience at many performing arts schools. Some are focused solely on athletics while others are purely focused on the arts. If your child is interested in athletics or a certain extracurricular activity, it’s worth looking into a performing arts school that offers that experience.


The performing arts scene in Los Angeles is constantly evolving and new companies are sprouting up every day. From Shakespeare to modern musicals, there is something for every taste. If you want to hone your talent, the best performing arts schools in LA will help. From dance to music and everything in between, we will cover them all so that you know where to look when searching for the perfect school for your child or yourself.

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