Ancient Health Practices that are Still Useful in Modern Life.

It’s hard to remember sometimes that ancient people had some pretty pragmatic approaches to health. Some of their practices, like whole grains and plants, are even more relevant today than they were back then. With the advent of processed foods, GMOs, and environmental pollution, we’re seeing a rise in chronic diseases. Take a look at these five ancient health practices that are still useful in modern life.

Ancient Health Practices

that are Still Useful in Modern Life

Some of these ancient health practices may seem a little strange to us, but they’re still useful in modern life. Yoga is the perfect example of this. It’s a practice that dates back thousands of years and is still widely used today for its therapeutic benefits. Another ancient health practice that we can still use today is the use of acupuncture. Chinese medicine saw an increase in popularity in the U.S. after World War II with many soldiers returning from combat experiencing chronic pain due to injuries sustained during their service. Acupuncture was one method found to be successful at helping these war veterans deal with their pain. These ancient practices are still relevant today because our environment has changed so much since then and we’re seeing a rise in chronic diseases as a result of it. Thankfully, many of these ancient methods for dealing with disease and pain are still available to us today and can be helpful for those who suffer from long-term illnesses or chronic pain.

A Plant-Based Diet

A plant-based diet is one of the most ancient health practices. The roots of this approach to health can be traced back as far as the first civilizations. Ancient people knew that plants were good for their bodies and many civilizations were founded on agriculture. Even if you don’t live in a civilization, there’s no denying the benefits of a plant-based diet:

Plants are nutrient-rich and provide essential vitamins and minerals

Compared to animal products, plants contain less fat and cholesterol

Plants are high in fiber, which has been linked to better gut health

Nutrients from plant foods tend to be more easily absorbed than those from animal foods

The best part about a plant-based diet? There are so many options! Whether you’re using beans, legumes, fruits, vegetables, nuts or whole grains – each food is contributing nutrients that will help your body function optimally.

Whole Grains

The ancient Greeks believed that whole grains were the foundation of a healthy diet. They believed that these foods helped keep the digestive system in balance, maintain weight, and promote vitality.

While it’s not anything new, many people today are abandoning this ancient health practice. Eating whole grains is an excellent way to give your body the fiber it needs for good digestion. Fiber helps you feel full longer without eating excess calories, which can help reduce weight gain. Foods like oatmeal and brown rice contain high levels of fiber that will keep your gut feeling happy and healthy!

A Daily Walk

A daily walk was a staple of ancient health practices. In fact, the word “gymnasium” comes from the Greek word for “to exercise naked.” The Greeks practiced after their baths and believed that this helped keep them healthy.

In today’s world, a daily walk is a huge part of a healthy lifestyle. Studies have shown that regular walking can reduce the risk of heart disease by up to 25 percent. Regular walking also has been found to be an important factor in managing diabetes and weight loss.

It’s not just about going for a walk-it’s about being more active throughout the day. That means taking stairs instead of elevators or escalators, parking further away from your destination, and doing things like gardening or washing dishes while standing up.

Positive Thinking as a Medicine.

One of the most popular ancient health practices that are still useful in modern life is positive thinking. Ancient cultures had a strong belief in the power of mental health and how it could affect the body. When you’re feeling good, your immune system works better. If you’re feeling stressed, your immune system will be less effective. It’s simple really – when you feel good, you are more likely to maintain good health.

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